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Nishimoni, 3, smiles while being held by her uncle in the village of Char Dhanata, Sharisha Bari Upazila, Jamalpur District, Dhaka Division. Nearby, her mother, Lovely, looks on, smiling. When the family began participating in a project that is part of the UNICEF/EU-supported nutrition security programme, Nishimoni was diagnosed with malnutrition. Lovely began receiving packets of micronutrient powder (MNP) from a local clinic; sprinkling the powder on Nishimoni’s food helped to improve her nutritional status. “My son, Limon, is 9 years old now,” says Lovely. “He was my first child. I loved him and looked after him to the best of my ability, but I was a new mother; there was a lot I did not know. He was not given MNP, but Nishi was just over 1 year old when they started the project in our village. I learned a lot from the health workers. … [D]ue to my new awareness about how to look after my children, as well as the added advantage of the MNP, I think Nishi has turned out to be healthier and brighter. She rarely falls sick and is always happier, too.” The small grocery store Lovely’s husband, Najmul, runs is also doing well. Sales have increased thanks to a refrigerator he recently purchased for the shop – which sells items such as snacks, cookies, cold drinks and cigarettes.

We just wanted to say thank you so much for your amazing support.
Over the last few months your kind donations have helped us do whatever it takes to keep vulnerable children safe all over the world.Children like Nishimoni – pictured above in the arms of her uncle.

Nishimoni lives in Bangladesh and at just 15 months old was diagnosed with malnutrition by Unicef-supported health workers. Malnutrition can have a devastating effect on a child’s health, leaving them vulnerable to diseases and other life-threatening complications. But the same Unicef-supported health workers who diagnosed Nishimoni were also able to provide the nourishing treatment that helped to save her life.

Thanks to you, 3 year-old Nishimoni and other children like her are now happy and healthy, and looking forward to a bright future. It’s difficult to put into words just how grateful we are for the special commitment you have made to the world’s children. Nishimoni is just one child, but hopefully her story has helped to show what an incredible difference you are making to so many children.


So once again thank you, on behalf of all the children whose lives you’re helping to transform forever.

We couldn’t do it without you