Starting with an impressive solid oak reception with lockable sliding glassing, we then furnished the corridors with boldly coloured lockers and floor to ceiling storage. Cloaks benching with foot storage and solid oak coat rails added to classrooms.

Finally, we furnished the new library with both fixed and loose furniture. The fixed was a combination of vibrantly coloured and upholstered curved seating, and oak bespoke bookcases with adjustable shelving.



Primary schools need special consideration of the pupils and how they are to be taught.
Consultation with the headteacher and the teachers themselves is an essential part of providing a special teaching and learning environment where the best possible results can be gained.
Furniture that is in constant use needs to be of a high quality specification and also provide a pleasing image which complements the interior decor.
Consideration is also required for the use of services (Water and I.T provision) – integration within the furniture and accessibility for the pupils use. With particular consideration to the worktop and seating heights for each keystage.
Longfield School, Leicestershire.
SS. Osmunds & Andrews, Bolton.
Dial Park Primary, Cheshire.
Padfield Primary, Cheshire.
Bradshaw Primary, Cheshire.
Marlborough Primary, Cheshire.
Oakham Primary, Rutland.
Brookside Primary, Leicester.
Woodlands Primary, Leicester.
Albert Village Primary, Lancashire.
St. Simons Primary, Cheshire.
Outwood Edge Primary, Leicestershire.
Birchwood Special School, Leicestershire.
Moira Primary School, Birmingham.
Battling Brook Primary School, Birmingham.
Little Bowden Primary School, Birmingham.
St. Botolphs, Bolton.
Wellington School, Swinton.
St. Augustines Catholic Primary School, Latchford.
Donisthorpe Primary School, Ravensthorpe.
Woodcote Primary, Leicestershire.
Redlands Primary, Leicester.
Past Pastures Primary School, Leicestershire.
Gorsey Bank Primary, Swinton.
Excalibur Primary, Swinton.
Lane End Primary, Cheshire.
Little Bowden Primary School, West yorkshire.
Blacks Firs Primary School, Cheshire.
Adswood Primary, Cheshire.
St. Leonards Primary, Leicestershire.
Eastfields Primary, Leicestershire.
Rendell Primary, Leicestershire.
Redhill Filed Primary, Leicestershire.
Ratby Primary, Leicester.
Bringhurst Primary, Leicestershire.
Hawbush Primary School, West Midlands.
Denfiled Primary School, Leicester.
Kibworth Primary, Leicestershire.
Swannington Primary, Leicester.
St. Peters Primary, Shropshire.
Arnesby Primary School, Leiceshire.
Maplewell Hall School, Leicester.
Millfield Primary School, Leicester.
Manorfield Primary, Leicestershire.
Ullesthorpe Primary, Leicester.
Kingsway Primary, Leicester.
Farndon Fields Primary School, Leicestshire.
Moorfield Primary School, Stockport.
Townlands Primary, Leicester.
Dane Mill Primary, Leicestershire.
Stonebow Primary School, Loughborough.
Willoughby Primary School, Leicestershire.
Worthington Primary, Leicestershire.
Parklands Primary, Leicestershire.
St. Bartholomer’s C of E Primary School, Loughborough.
Hathern Primary School, Leicestershire.
Ridgeway Primary, Leicestershire.
Merton Primary, Leicester.
Hemington Primary, Leicestershire.
Greenfields Primary School, East Yorkshire.
Sileby Redlands Primary School, Leicestershire.
Pastures Primary School, Leicestershire.
Wymeswold Primary, Leicestershire.
Brookside Primary School, Leicestershire.
Stanton Under Bardon Primary School, Leicestershire.
St. Bartholomews,Loughborough.
Latimer Primary School, Leicester.