Gartree High School - Care Design & Furniture

This full scale new school is one in which CARE (Design & Furniture) Ltd are very proud of. It’s a true indication of just what can be achieved with imagination and innovation within a tight budget.

With a vision of providing a school the students and teachers would be proud of, and enhance the learning environment, CARE had extensive client consultation with the school and with the Local Authority Architect.

We aimed to provide educational furniture that could stretch the imagination, avoiding straight line of ‘run of the mill’ storage and worktops, opting for imaginative and innovative curves with colourful laminates and polished hardwood. This complemented the use of colour within the building design by the Architect and the Interior Designer.

Always considering that the new classrooms must be as productive as possible. The result was, a functional design to the requirements of the teachers and a pleasing environment for the students to work and learn in.