The care stool saving schools £thousands…

As well as a wide range of furniture we have our very own designed stool to solve the problem of new flooring being damaged and expensive replacement.

Design background:

  • The CARE stool was designed primarily for use in educational establishments in areas where slip resistant safety flooring is used, areas such as Science, Design Technology, Food Technology, Art etc.
  • It has been found that materials such as quartz and carborundum that have been incorporated into the flooring to achieve their slip resistance qualities also dramatically wear away the plastic feet normally found in conventional steel tube stools, in some cases after only a few months from initial purchase.
  • This exposes the steel tube which when in use can act as a blade which can cut into and puncture the vinyl flooring, causing considerable and expensive damage, particularly when the stool is rocked back on two legs.

Statement of design:

  • Incorporating a ‘U’ shaped tubular frame with nylon tube protectors which sits on the floor and supports the four legs, the design of the CARE stool eliminates any damage to the flooring caused by the wearing away of the feet as none of the four vertical legs  come into contact with floor.
  • In addition to help prevent pupils rocking on the stool, the four supporting legs are splayed outward making the stool far wider at the base than at the seating height, whilst the ‘U’ shaped base frame is cantilevered to the rear of the stool.


  • The tubular ‘U’ base distributes weight more evenly, preventing damage to the vinyl flooring from puncturing, reducing the need for costly floor repairs.
  • Rocking on the stool by pupils is inhibited, reducing accidents and disruption.
  • The tubular ‘U’ base aids the racking of the stool, making it far stronger than conventional stools, reducing replacement and maintenance costs.
  • The solid structure of the stool makes it quieter in use than conventional steel tube stools, reducing disruption to adjacent rooms.
The stool conforms to:
BS EN 1729-Pt1 Strength and Stability
BS EN 1729-Pt2 Ergonomics